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Come and learn the flair of applying your makeup.

Learn how to maximise your best features.

It is the skill that will help wrap you in confidence everytime you step out.


• The different brushes that you need

• How to shape your eyebrows

• How to correct eyebrow shaping to compliment your


• How to clean your makeup brushes

• How to choose the right concealer colours

• How to choose the right foundation colour

• How to apply concealer, foundation and translucent


• Benefits of loose translucent powder

• How to fill in your eyebrows

• How to apply mascara

• Benefits of using blush

• How to correct makeup mistakes


• Highlighting and shading for your unique face shape, nose shape, jaw line, cheekbones.

• Which eyeshadow colours will compliment your eye colour

• How to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to compliment your eye shape

• How to apply blush to accentuate your cheekbones through highlighting and shading

• How to apply blush to make your face look narrower or wider

• Day to evening make-up according to your unique features

• How to do Smokey eyes according to your unique features

• How to make your lips look fuller.

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